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Live Auctions??? Why when we have the internet? Simple. Like anyone who is in the market for almost anything, you can be assured to get top dollar when buyers can physically put their hands on what they're buying. In our experience when comparing live to internet, buyers will typically travel further and spend more on a live auction, we have proven it time and time again. Buyers also like the personal interaction and excitement a live auction offers and excited buyers equals more $$$$. 

      Why Have an auction? It seems that some people think offering personal property or real estate at public auction is only done in a distress situation or as the “last resort.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you think about it, when you hear of record sale prices on anything from fine art to thoroughbred horses– these records are set at auction. The auction has been a successful mean to sell property from as early as 500 B.C. Today, we utilize the most modern computer equipment and systems to bring the auction process into the 21st Century. An auction allows the seller to dispose of his/her property in a timely manner, eliminating expensive holding costs, and establishing his/her own terms and conditions. A well-designed advertising campaign and a well-attended public auction with competitive bidding can, most assuredly, bring market value or better on sale day for the seller’s property.

Let me explain how I will work for you to successfully market your personal property and/or real estate.